Welcome at the VTH Verband Technischer Handel e.V.

Active representative of an active line of business

Welcome at the VTH Verband Technischer Handel e.V., the one and only professional association for the industrial distributors in Germany. It was originally founded in 1904, and since then it works all out for its members. We represent about 300 companies with a sales network of over 400 locations throughout Germany and neighbouring countries, like Austria and Switzerland.

Our members

Our members are specialised wholesale dealers. They are offering a care-free supply of a wide range of industrial components combined with client focussed technical support and services.

Usually their assortments cover technical rubber and plastic articles as well as semi-products, power transmission, technical hoses and accessories, personal protection equipment, sealings and gaskets. In addition, many members sell lubricants and adhesives, fire protection articles, conveyor belts, pumps, valves and fittings, antifriction bearings, chemotechnical maintenance products and tools.

Our mission

Our mission is

  • to strengthen our members to be successful, profitable and competitive in a frequently changing environment.
  • to provide access to information, knowledge and benchmarks to address changing needs of the marketplace.
  • to provide resources to assist our members in improving customer and supplier relationships.
  • to increase industry awareness of the value provided by its members to promote the distribution channel.

Our activities

Our main task is to protect and to promote all the common professional, economic and entrepreneurial interests of our members and the whole sector of industrial distribution. For that we exert ourselves for the specific interests of our members. The collected special and specialized authority makes it possible for us to turn off our activities purposefully at the requirements of the industrial distributors. Our target is to increase the efficiency of our members. The federation is both traditional protection of interests and modern service enterprise, which can rely with its intermediary function on the sum of the experiences and achievements of all members. Having close contacts to our members we know their current problems. We collect and bundle the questions and concerns of our members and determine in this way the topics of the federation's work. This proceeding guarantees the benefit of our work for the members of the association. We recognized many trends in the past already in time!

Member benefits


  • offers an information platform for industrial distributors to stay in tune with the latest developments.
  • is the forum to discuss relevant matters such as the relationships between distributors and manufacturers, business aspects, outsourcing, standardisation, electronic commerce, distribution policy of manufacturers and any other concern that may be of interest to industrial distributors.
  • offers an access to exchange experience with colleagues.
  • provides its members with information, education and business tools to be successful in the industrial market place.

Participating the services of the VTH is a combination of all: education, information, networking, exchange of experience ...



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